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English for Technical Faculties
Tech Talk Pre-Intermediate Examination Questions

1) Jobs : Describe the jobs in the pictures. Describe the jobs of the people you know.
Coming and going: Take turns making a visitor welcome. Act out short conversations.

2) Measurements: Read the measurements.
Defects: Describe the defects.

3) Project planning:
Making comparisons: Compare the vehicles. How do they compare to other vehicles like cars, bicycles, and motorbikes?

4) Gadgets: What is special about James Bond’s gadgets? What is your favourite gadget? How is it useful?
Cause and effect: How do the devices in the pictures work?

5) Explaining what happened: Speak about an interesting holiday you went on, or an interesting trip you made.
Rises and falls: Describe the graph showing your company’s operating costs.

6) Troubleshooting: Having problems with the photocopier.
Repairs: What can be wrong with the things in the pictures? How can you fix the problems?

7) Questions:
Numbers: Read about the Hoover dam. Ask and answer questions about the information.

8) Explaining rules: Explain the rules of football or any other sports game you know well.
Making things work: What is the machine for? What parts and components does it have?

9) Safety hazards: Explain the safety hazards in the picture.
Instructions: How do you change the oil and oil filter in the car?

10) Shapes: What shape are the objects?
Classifying: In what ways can you classify the things?

11) Testing: Quality tests for ties.
Understanding instructions: Give instructions for using your mobile phone.

12) Warnings: Where can you see the signs and labels?
Making suggestions:

13) Giving directions: Explain the route to your partner.
Getting around: What might the people in the photographs be saying?

14) Dimensions: Read about the Great Sphinx and complete the statistics.
Quantities: Design your perfect workplace.

15) Making arrangements: You want your partner to help you with a job.
Writing emails: Complete the emails with suitable expressions.

16) Discussing logistics: Describe the supply chain.
Recycling: Describe the process of recycling a car.

17) Attachments: Describe the different ways of attachments and connections.
Locating parts: Describe where the things are.

18) Comparing benefits:
Weighing alternatives: You are going to solve some problems in a company.

19) Inventions: The inventions of a parachute and retractable landing gear.
Progress updates: Update your partner on your progress at school/at work.

20) Materials: What materials are the things made of? What qualities do they have?
Predictions and possibilities: How sure are you about inventing certain things?

21) Explaining why (causes and effects): Discuss some science questions.
Explaining procedures: Describe the steps of the trick.