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Intelligent Business – Exam Questions
  1. Companies
Would you prefer to be a freelance worker or employed with a fixed salary – advantages and disadvantages of each choice?
Reading p. 9 - questions p. 8, company structure p. 12
  1. Leadership
What motivation techniques are mentioned in the text on p. 17?
The best way to motivate employees: which statement do you agree with?
-         employees cannot be trusted and must therefore be closely supervised
-         staff should be allowed to organize their own work
-         the best motivation is money and recognition for meeting targets
  1. Strategy
What three changes has Nike had to make in its effort to appeal to a female audience? (p.25)
P.27 – SPEAKING – ex. 1, 2
  1. Pay
Text p. 35 - What annoyed shareholders most about Pierre Garnier's pay?
P. 37 – LISTENING – ex. 2
Ask and answer questions about CEOs awarded large severance deals – p. 138, 140
  1. Development
How has the quality of life changed in your country over the last few years? What do young people have today that their parents didn't have?
Text p. 43, READING p. 42 – ex. 1
  1. Marketing
What are your favourite brands of the following products? Why do you prefer these to other similar brands?
soft drinks      clothes      cars      shampoo
Choose one of the products you use and consider the marketing mix for that brand. Consider the following:
Product – what are the product's features?
Price – in comparison with similar products
Promotion – where and how is it advertised?
Place – where can you buy the product?
Text p. 51 – Do you agree with the author that young people no longer believe advertisements? What does influence young people's buying decisions?
  1. Outsourcing
Advantages and disadvantages of setting up facilities in countries that can provide services at lower cost.
The types of work that can easily transfer overseas (LISTENING 1 – p. 60)
Text p. 61, READING p. 60 – ex. 1
P. 63 – SPEAKING ex. 2
  1. Finance
Text p. 70, p. 71 – ex. 2
Types of visual aids
P. 72 – line graph - describing the performance of Enron share price, p. 73, 139 – bar chart describing the American and European sales of Parmalat
How can figures in financial documents be made more attractive than they really are - p. 69 LISTENING
  1. Recruitment
What steps are generally involved in job application? What sort of questions are applicants asked during a job interview?
Types of job interview (p. 76 LISTENING)
Text p. 77 -   what recruitment methods were used at the Bellagio? What do you think of them?
  1. Counterfeiting
Text p. 87, p. 88 – ex. 3
P. 92 – Dilemma – Brief + TASK 1


     11.  The People's Company



Think of one major item that you have bought recently. How did the transaction take placed? Have you ever bought or sold something on the internet? What is different about buying things in an online market?

P. 94 READING  ex. 2

p. 99 LISTENING – Describe how to advertise items online




     12.  Finding a Voice

Which of the following acts of protest would you be willing to take part in? Why?/ Why not?


-         Demonstrating against plans for a nuclear power plant

-         Boycotting of clothes made by children in poor working conditions

-         Signing a petition against the killing of whales


Have you ever signed a petition?


P. 106 LISTENING – describe the main point you should consider when planning a media campaign